Ticket – FAB Road To Nationals 2022 – 23rd July


Flesh and Blood Road To Nationals 2022 Ticket for Saturday the 23rd of July. Please purchase your ticket online before-hand so you have a guaranteed spot in the event. In-store/on the day of the event we may not have any tickets available.

After purchasing a ticket please send through your GEM ID – you can reply to your order confirmation email, or contact us. If you buy multiple tickets, please send this information for every player. You do not need to print your ticket, as we will link your GEM ID with your ticket. On arrival, you only need to let us know your name.

As a reminder, this event is Classic Constructed. A deck-registration sheet needs to be filled in, make sure to take it with you – you may also email/send it to us (up to 24 hours in advance).

For more information about the event, such as format, schedule and reward structure check the event page.

There’s multiple ticket options:

  • Ticket – Only the ticket
  • Ticket + Lanyard – You also get a GG Lounge Lanyard
  • Ticket + (Vegetarian) Pizza Package – We order pizza for lunch, and there will be (vegetarian) slices for you – a drink and coffee are included (+ you also get a lanyard)
    • We will order this pizza from a local pizza place. We will not make a profit off the pizzas, we arrange this to help out and make lunch quick & easy for everyone. It is NOT possible to ask for pizzas on the day of the event, as we will pre-order the pizza’s the day before.

Select your preferred option below.

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After purchase this virtual ticket gives you entry into Flesh and Blood Road To Nationals Event on the 23rd of July 2022. This is an in-store event, requiring you to be in our store (GG Lounge) to join and play. It’s your responsibility to arrive on-time and have the required materials with you (cards, decklist, etc).

It’s possible to cancel the ticket & get a full refund up to 48 hours before the start of the event.  Afterwards, no refunds are given. In the event that covid-19 or other situations prevent us to hold the event, we will refund all tickets.