Board Game Sleeves

We sell high quality and durable board games sleeves in many different sizes. The board game sleeves are made by Arcane Tinmen, who also makes the popular Dragon Shield sleeves (for TCG games like Magic:The Gathering and Flesh and Blood).

We have all available sizes of the Arcane Tinmen sleeves. In 2 different variations. Non-Glare and the regular, clear, sleeves. The quality is the same, and they are all 80 microns thick. They just have a slightly different finish.

Non-Glare have the advantage that they are easier to read when in bright light, for example when a lamp is shining directly on your cards. They are also slightly matte, causing them to be a little less slippery. However, due to this finish the colors are a little bit duller. If you don’t like the dulling effect, you should stick with the clear sleeves.

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