Board Game Café

In our Board Game Café you can choose from about 200 board and card games to play for free.

You’re also welcome to bring your own games.
We serve a range of drinks, snacks and toasts to keep you hydrated and fed during your epic gaming sessions.

Opening hours:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday | 2pm – 00am
Wednesday, Thursday | 2pm – 2am
Friday, Saturday | 2pm – 3am

Board & Card Games

We have a library of over 200 board & card games you can pick from. All games are free, but we do request you to consume a drink or food, or buy a product from our store.

We are more than happy to explain any of the games if you are not sure how it works. Or if you are not sure what game you will like, ask us for advise and we will try and find you a game you’ll like!

We’ve got a big variety of board games. From easy to complex, and from solo to party games. We got the good old classics, such as Chess, Monopoly and Catan, but also modern classics such as Gloomhaven,  Scythe and Exploding Kittens. Something for everyone!

Console Gaming

In our Gaming Café we also have a Playstation 4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and an Xbox One X. A wide range of games is available to play. You can play on our consoles for free as well, but we do request you to order a drink or food.

Trading card games

There’s a lot of people playing their favorite TCG‘s in our gaming lounge. For example Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Flesh and Blood (FAB), Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! If you’re looking for a community to play one of these games, visit us and we will get you in touch with all of our players. We can also explain you the games.

You’re ofcourse welcome to bring your own decks, but we also offer our own pre-made decks to play with. Or you can visit our shop and buy some cards to get you started. The most played game is MTG Commander, but also MTG Standard and MTG Modern are popular.

Dungeons and Dragons & RPG’s

At GG Lounge there’s also a large D&D community. There’s often multiple Dungeons and Dragons sessions a week, with groups of 4 to 8. We’re always looking for new players and Dungeon Masters (DM’s), so we can start new groups.

We’re also trying to start groups for lesser-known RPG’s, like Pathfinder and Vampire: Masquerade.


In our Board Game Café we also regularly organize events. We have Mario Kart Tournaments, Tekken but also board game tournaments, such as Ticket to Ride. View all upcoming events on our events page.

We’re an official WPN store (Magic: The Gathering), and GEM store (Flesh and Blood) and thus we organize events for our Trading Card Games, such as:

  • MTG Drafts
  • MTG Friday Night Magic (FNM)
  • MTG Pre-releases
  • Flesh and Blood Welcome Events
  • Flesh and Blood Drafts
  • Flesh and Blood Armory Events
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Casual tournaments
  • Pokémon: Casual tournaments
Games Library
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