GG Lounge - Your Local Game Store in Viseu

We focus on board games and Trading Card games like; Magic: The Gathering, Flesh and blood, Yu-gi-oh! and Pokemon.
As well as RPG’s like Dungeon & Dragons, and all kind of gaming accessories like sleeves, dice, books and card albums.

We’re also a board gaming cafe. You’re always welcome to come play at our lounge.
we have many games in our library you can play (for free!), or you can even bring your own. We organize regular events, such as trading card tournaments or board game gatherings.

Through our webhop you can order all kinds of board games, trading card games and other accessories such as sleeves and deckboxes. We usually ship the next working day after placing an order.

Within Portugal you can expect to receive your order within 1-3 workdays (if items are in stock). Deliveries to the rest of Europe usually take between 3-7 workdays to arrive.

Special Events

pokemon day 9 julho-01

Pokémon TCG Day

É dia de Pokémon TCG! Vem ter connosco para aprenderes a jogar, ou traz o teu deck e desafia-nos! E

View all our events on our calendar.

Trading Card Games