D. Afonso Henriques


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D. Afonso Henriques is a game about the first King of Portugal. During the game, each player will follow the King through several villages in order to recruit the best army. When in battle, each player will use it’s army to fight and defeat the Moors and hence contribute to the victory of the Portuguese.

The players recruit the armies when D. Afonso Henriques meeple is in a circle over a small village in the Portugal’s map. Respecting order of play, each player chooses the village he wants to go, in the villages area in the board, and places his cylinder in the available symbol.

Players can enter a battle when D. Afonso Henriques meeple is in the circles marked as battle. In it’s turn, the player chooses one or more Portuguese cards from his hand to enter the fight. He places his chosen card(s) face up in the battle field, in one of the 4 spots available, in front of the Moors card that he wants to fight with. Each Portuguese card indicates in it’s lower side the number of dice that the player is allowed to roll. If a Player uses 2 cards, he can roll the total dices resulting from the 2 cards. Each Moors card has in it’s upper right corner a die with a value. If the highest result of any dice rolled by a player matches or is superior to this value, the player wins the fight and the Moors card is defeated.

The game ends after the battle of Ourique (the 5th battle). The player with more Victory Points wins the game.

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