TCG Singles

We sell singles for popular card games, such as Flesh and Blood and MTG. In our store you can browse through our available cards, but some are also listed here.

Our full collection of MTG and FAB singles is available on our Card Trader (CT) profile. For MTG you can also use Card Market (CM).

If you wish to combine an order on our webshop with cards we have listed in our Card Trader or Card Market profile, please contact us. This way, we can create a custom order with the cards you have selected, and ship them alongside the rest of your items. The prices we use will be the same as on the trader platforms. If you already placed an order on CT or CM, we will refund the shipping cost there so you only pay shipping once.

Most of our cards are “pack-fresh”, meaning they haven’t been used for playing and that the more valuable cards (supers or better) were immediately sleeved. You can consider our cards as “Near-mint or better”. There are some exceptions, but you can find all card conditions alongside the listings on our market profiles.

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