Pokémon Paldea Collection Sprigatito


Pokémon Paldea Collection Sprigatito has three Sprigatito cards, a pin, four booster packs, and an oversized Koraidon or Miraidon card.

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The Pokémon Paldea Collection Sprigatito offers a new adventure in the Paldea region. The collection includes three foil promo cards of the Grass Cat Pokémon Sprigatito, a Sprigatito enamel pin, and four booster packs, each containing ten cards and either one basic energy or VSTAR marker. Additionally, the collection features a foil oversize card of the Legendary Pokémon Koraidon ex or Miraidon ex. Players can use the code card included in the collection to access the Pokémon TCG Live. With this collection, fans can collect and showcase the new Pokémon, Sprigatito, while exploring new cards and booster packs to add to their collections. The oversize card of Koraidon ex or Miraidon ex adds a powerful touch to any collection. The Pokémon TCG Paldea Collection is an excellent choice for fans looking to expand their Pokémon card collections.