MTG Strixhaven Theme Booster (EN)


MTG Strixhaven Theme Boosters are a great way to explore a single theme in Magic. Just add lands for a dual-color, college-themed deck, or customize a pre-built deck with proven powerful combos.

Each pack contains 35 Magic cards based around a single college.

    • Silverquill (Black-White)
    • Prismari (Red-Blue)
    • Witherbloom (Green-Black)
    • Lorehold (Red-White)
    • Quandrix (Blue-Green)

Select your preferred variation(s).

Earn up to 7 GG-Points.


Theme Boosters are perfect as an intro-level product or for more casual players looking to obtain a bunch of cards that match their college of choice. That’s right, each of the five different Theme Boosters are based on the five illustrious colleges of Strixhaven. Show your school spirit with a combination of 1–2 rares and/or mythic rares and 33–34 commons and uncommons. Please note that Theme Boosters do not contain cards from the Mystical Archive—those are for advanced students only.

Additional information

College / Color

Silverquill (Black-White), Prismari (Red-Blue), Witherbloom (Green-Black), Lorehold (Red-White), Quandrix (Blue-Green)