Flesh and Blood – Monarch Blitz Decks – Display (Sealed)


Flesh and Blood Monarch Blitz Decks Display. Contains 8 FAB Hero Decks of the new Monarch set (4 different decks, 2 of each).

There are 4 new preconstructed blitz hero decks for Flesh and Blood. At the moment the exact hero’s haven’t been published yet. You can pre-order a full Monarch Blitz Decks display, or sets of 4 hero decks (one of each).

Max 1 display per customer.

Out of stock


Ready-to-play out of the box, Flesh and Blood Monarch Blitz decks are crafted to be a perfect introduction to Flesh and Blood and the heroes of Monarch, suitable for new and experienced players alike.

Each preconstructed Blitz deck comes with 40 cards, a hero, weapon, and equipment cards.

There are 4 different decks (and thus hero’s) to choose from. Information about these hero’s has not been released yet. More information about Monarch can be fond in the official product-sheet.

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