Feldherr Flex Cross Band – M (3 pcs)


Feldherr Flex Cross Band – M (3 cross bands per pack)

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Many board game players know this. Freshly bought and unplayed, the lid on the board game box sits firmly in place. But with time, after some opening and closing, the lid sits looser and looser, and in the worst case it tears. Then one day you‘re trying to take your beloved game off the shelf, you are left with the lid in your hand and the complete game content at your feet.

Of course we have a solution for this problem, too: the Feldherr Flex Cross Band.

Ensures that the board game box and the lid fit tightly during storage and transport.
Ideal for holding together older, loosely fitting board game boxes and game boxes with protruding lids.
The wide, elastic band does not cut into the cardboard box and does not leave scratches.
Thanks to the cross shape and the faux-leather reinforcement on the top, it‘s also suitable as a carrying handle.
Not only holds together board game boxes, but also stacks of books, document collections and similar packages.
Available individually or as a cost-effective three-pack.

Which Flex Cross Band fits my game box?

Yellow Cross Band (Size M):

Your box is longest side + height = max. 350 mm
e.g. 260 mm long and 70 mm high or 250 mm long and 50 mm high
smaller square board game boxes, the size of Terraf. Mars, Marvel United, or Mice & Mystics, for example

Green Cross Band (Size L):

Your box is longest side + height = max. 550 mm
e.g. 300 mm long and 70 mm high or 430 mm long and 120 mm high
medium-sized game boxes, like Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, Twilight Imperium, or Lords of Hellas “Warlord Box”

Blue Cross Band (Size XL):

Your box is longest side + height = max. 750 mm
e.g. 410 mm long and 220 mm high oder 450 mm long and 300 mm high
for large board game boxes, the size of Gloomhaven, for example

The Flex Cross Band in size M (color: black/yellow) measures 200 mm x 200 mm. The elastic band is 25 mm wide.