FAB Skirmish S05 Ticket


Ticket for entry to the FAB SKIRMISH S05 at GG Lounge on Sunday the 14th of August (15.00h).

Our format is SEALED (plus a TOP 8 DRAFT). The entry fee pays for the boosters and rewards. The skirmish is a casual level event (meaning no decklists).

This ticket gives you entry for the event, but besides buying the ticket you should also sign-up on fabtcg.com.

It’s not required to buy a ticket online for this event, but it does guarantee you a spot and it means less hassle for you and us on the day of the event.

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This ticket gives you entry into the event on the 14th of August at GG Lounge. You may cancel and ask for a full refund up to 24h before the event. After 24h, refunds are given as GG Points that can be used on the webshop.