Dragon Shield Dual Matte Sleeves Snow “Irin” (100)


Dragon Shield Dual Matte Sleeves Snow “Irin” (100 Sleeves). Black Interior. Fully Opaque. Colorful Matte Back.

Fully opaque sleeves with a black interior, an elegant backdrop for black bordered cards. Every box has a label on the top for personalization.

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Dual – a new sleeve innovation!

Everything has two sides – why settle for one color?

With our new Dual sleeves you won’t have to! Using this new technique on our beloved Matte sleeves we have created a Matte sleeve that features both a colorful back and a black interior to elegantly frame your cards.

The Dual technique also means that the sleeves are fully opaque regardless of which color you choose. With Dual you can play double-faced cards at tournament levels using even the lightest of colors.

Players know that Dragon Shield Matte sleeves are among the best in the market for Magic: the Gathering, Flesh and Blood TCG, Pokemon TCG and Yu-Gi-Oh!, among other card games, and we are proud to add this new innovation to that line to help make the game experience even better.

The first five Matte Dual Sleeve colors will be Lightning, Orchid, Lagoon, Snow and Eucalyptus.