Dragon Shield Brushed Art Sleeves The Pandragon


Dragon Shield Brushed art sleeves The Pandragon contains 100 standard size Brushed texture sleeves.

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Long before the world was as it is today, it was said that a benevolent dragon god began combining and hybriding its favorite creatures. Among these creations were the “Pandragon” – born from the mighty dragon, the calm and content ­panda­ and the curious and willful baby tiger. Sightings are often seen as a sign of prosperity, luck and good health.

Experience the silky-smooth shuffle feel of Dragon Shield Brushed art sleeves The Pandragon.
Brushed sleeves feature a lightly textured back making cards glide effortlessly when shuffling.
With gradient frames and high detail printing which won’t peel or split, decks sleeved in Brushed sleeves look amazing!

Theme your TCG decks and express yourself with awesome high detail artworks!

100 standard size Brushed texture sleeves
Writing field on box for organization
Box can store:

75+ single-sleeved cards
65+ double-sleeved cards
Great art sleeves for TCGs like MTG, Pokemon, Flesh & Blood or Digimon!
Play with peace of mind knowing your cards are safeguarded by Dragon Shield sleeves.