Shipping & Pick up Information

Our webshop is available 24/7, however you must take into account that we do not process any webshop orders during the weekend and on days that we are closed. This means that on those days, we do not prepare orders. It may also mean that if you have contacted us about an order, your question may only be answered after a few days.

On public holidays we also do not process webshop orders.

Pick Up

If you order items online we will usually have them prepared a couple of hours later. Please allow at least 2-3 hours after placing your order before collecting it.

Whilst ordering you can already pay online as well, by credit card or Multibanco. You can also pay by bank-transfer, but take into account that it usually takes 1-2 days to be processed. You can also select to pay in-store, which means you only pay when you pick up the items.


We can ship orders to Portugal and Spain. Currently we do not ship to other European countries.

When your order contains items that are not in stock but are arriving, we will only ship the order when all items are available. If you want to receive your order as soon as possible, we recommend to create separate orders.
We use Correos Expressos to ship orders.
We do not process orders on weekends and holidays. Also on days that we are closed we usually do not send out orders (Monday/Tuesday

Delivery time

When items you’ve ordered are in stock and the order is paid for, we will usually ship the order the next working day. Our shipping company usually delivers the day after we’ve given them the package (Portugal and Spain). Still, in case of unforeseen events, please account for a 2-4 work-day delivery time.

As we’re a small store there might be times when it’s busy in our store and we cannot process your order as quickly. If your order is urgent, please let us know so we can take that into account.

We use Correos Expresso for packages when shipping our orders. You should get a tracking code from them once they have your order.

Shipping categories (sizes)

We use 2 different shipping categories. These are based on the size of the item(s) in your order. During checkout we automatically apply one of these categories, depending on the largest item in your cart. If you think the item you’re selected is in the incorrect category during checkout, please let us know.

Normal: Most items fit into this category.
Large: Heavy or very large items, for example Gloomhaven.

Portugal (Mainland) Cost

Orders above 100 euro will be shipped for free.

Shipping cost for items under 100 euro is as follows:

Normal: 4.50€
Large: 5.50€

Portugal (Islands) Cost

Normal: 24.79€
Large: 24.79€


Normal: 7.95€
Large: 9.95€


Normal & Large: This depends on the specific country.


Due to Brexit complexities we no longer ship to the UK

Rest of the world

Sorry, we do not ship to the rest of the world.