Returns & Warranty


Within 14 days you can return items bought through our (online) store. This is subject to our returns policy, which contains more specific information and restrictions.

When you want to return an item you’ve ordered online, you may bring it by in-person. You may also ship it back to us, at your own expense.

Items returned must be in the same state as we’ve sold it to you, including any wrapping and seals. Read our returns policy for more information.

Whenever you want to initiate a return, contact us first to notify us of your intention to return. We can then send you the instructions.

As long as we’ve not yet sent the shipment you can cancel orders without issue. You can do so from your account, or by contacting us. When we’ve already sent the shipment you need to wait for the shipment to arrive. You may reject the shipment, which causes it to be returned to us automatically or return it at your own expense if you already accepted the package.

You’ll be refunded immediately (when paid by card or PayPal) or within 7 days (other payment methods) for orders that haven’t been sent yet. Orders that already left our store will be only refunded when they have been returned to us, and after we inspected the item to ensure it’s in the original state. We will refund or be in contact with you in case of problems within 7 days of receiving the item(s). Please note, that it may take an extra 2-3 days for a refund to appear on your bank account.



You may, instead of requesting a refund for returned items also exchange items (and pay, or be refunded the difference). When exchanging items online, shipping cost need to be paid again. Therefore, exchanges are mostly only an option for customers that visit our store.

Exchanges are subject to the same returns policy as any other item.

Issues with orders

Did we make a mistake with your order? The first thing to do is contact us. Whilst we try our best to avoid mistakes, we’re still human and we may slip up.

In most situations we will be able to easily resolve this for you, and of-course without extra costs for you. In case of missing items, we will send them. When you’ve received the wrong item(s) we will ask you to return the items, at our expensive, and we will send you the correct items. You may also choose to keep the wrongly received items, and we would (if needed) refund the difference, or request an extra payment.

In case you’re not satisfied with how we intent to resolve your problem, you may always cancel the order. However, you will still need to return the wrongly received items.

Issue with product (damaged, missing components, etc)

When you receive an item that’s damaged, missing components or has other issues please notify us as soon as possible. When something is damaged, we would appreciate it when you can send us a picture. We will then work with you to solve the problem, which may be to return the product, give you a discount or to help you with replacing the components.

For damaged products, we may offer you a discount. If you don’t accept that, you may exchange the item for a non-damaged one (when in stock). Or simply return the item and receive a refund.

When a game is missing components, is misprinted or there are other issues with the components of a game we will provide you with contact details of the publisher of the game. After you’ve contacted them they will send you the replacements of the components directly to your home address.