Pre-Order Information

Some of our products can be pre-ordered. This simply means that you make an order containing product(s) that will arrive at a later date. Only when the items have arrived at our store will we actually be able to fulfill your order.

This is different from “backorder”. Backorder is simply that we don’t have a product in stock that you ordered, but we are able to get the product delivered to our store within 1-3 weeks in order to fulfill your order. Pre-orders are often for new products only, and can be placed up to 1 year in advance.

Pre-ordering multiple products

It’s only possible to pre-order 1 product at a time (but multiple quantities of the same is possible). This does mean that if you want to pre-order multiple products at once, or combine a pre-order with a product that’s available, you need to create multiple orders.

When this causes you to pay too much for shipping, contact us after creating the orders. We will then combine the pre-orders and only apply the shipping costs once (or give you free shipping if eligible). If you already paid, we will refund the difference. If you did not pay, we will send you a new payment link for the combined order.

If you ask us to combine a pre-order with an order that has products available in stock, we will only ship the order when the pre-ordered product has arrived.

Pre-order Quantities

Some products can only be pre-ordered in limited quantities. If this is the case we will in most situations limit the quantity of products you can pre-order at once, and prevent you from adding more to your basket than what is allowed. Placing multiple pre-orders that go over this quantity limit will be cancelled.

We may not always enforce this limit during checkout. We do however reserve the right to reduce quantities of pre-orders placed if needed (when payment is already made, we will ofcourse refund the difference).

Release Dates

The release date is an estimated date at which we expect the product to be in stock. We do not guarantee that this date is when you’ll receive the product. If you’ve placed a pre-order we will do our best to notify you in case of significant delays.

Pre-order Prices

We sometimes offer discounts for early pre-ordering. Sometimes we also change the price of the product during the pre-order phase. Unless it’s a mistake (e.g. a typo), you will pay the price that you were offered when you placed the pre-order. Thus, if you place a pre-order and the price goes up (or discount period ends), you’ll pay the lower price that was in effect when you placed your pre-order.

The exception to this is if our suppliers increase the prices for their products. In those situations we will also retroactively adjust the pre-order prices. You’re ofcourse not required to accept those price increases, you may always cancel your pre-order.

Payment Options

For some pre-orders we will charge in advance, for most pre-orders we will only charge upon release. The system will tell you what option applies during ordering. This means the following:

Pay in advance: You make the payment immediately upon ordering. This payment ensures us that you really want the product. We mostly use this for expensive, high demand products or products that will be released very soon. Generally we only accept payments in advance when the quantities we will receive are guaranteed, and therefore the risk for cancellations is low.
Pay upon release: When the product becomes available, and we’ve received confirmation from our supplier the product is on the way, we request you to pay for your order. Only then will we send it.

Pre-orders are reservations

We cannot always guarantee the availability of the products pre-ordered. The supply chain is unpredictable and sometimes we receive less products than we requested from our suppliers. Therefore pre-orders count only as a reservation.

Therefore, we may need cancel pre-orders or give you less products than you requested. When this happens we will contact you. When you’ve paid in advance, we will refund the amount paid (or part of, when you still receive some items).

When we’ve received more reservations than products, we may need to prioritize some customers over others. It is completely at our discretion on how we allocate pre-orders in case of shortages.

Furthermore, in most situations we also place a reservation for in-store stock. This means that we may be unable to fulfill online pre-orders, but have some items available in our physical store. We do this to ensure that our local customers have a fair chance at getting a product (most of our local customers don’t use our web-store, after all).

Pre-order Cancellation

You may cancel pre-orders at any time. Either from your account or by contacting us. When you’ve already pre-paid, the money will be returned. There are some exceptions to this, for example if you asked us to custom order a product for you.

For more information about pre-orders, see our terms and conditions.