GG Points

GG-Points is the customer loyalty reward program for GG Lounge. For most purchases on our webshop you earn GG-Points. Those points can be exchanged on future purchases for a discount.

For most products, you get you get 25 GG-Points for every 10 euro’s spent. Some products offer you less or no points. You can recognize it by this message on the product page: “Purchase this product now and earn xxx GG-Points!“. You can also see the amount of GG-Points you’ll get on the checkout page. Products on sale often give less points or no points.

Points are only awarded after your order has been completed (paid by you & then shipped by us). You need to be a registered user to gain GG-Points. Orders placed by guests do not receive GG-Points.

You can redeem GG-Points on your next order for a discount. 100 points is worth 1 euro. This option will be shown during the checkout process when you are logged in. This is optional, so you can also save up your points and get a bigger discount later.

When you return, cancel or be refunded an order your GG-Points earned will be cancelled.

GG-Points expire after 1 year of gaining them.

There’s some additional terms & conditions related to GG-Points which you can find on our T&C’s page.